EEGT The Eclectic Electric Guitar Trio

EEGT The Eclectic Electric Guitar Trio

EEGT Gear is selected carefully.  Bruce Arnold, Alex Skolnick and Jane Getter are VERY picky about the instruments and gear they use when performing and recording. This gear must reach the highest standards of excellence in both sound and comfort. Alex, Jane and Bruce greatly appreciate the support that all the companies below have given.  This has been a great help in creating our unique guitar sounds but also has help make performing easier and more ergonomic.

Bruce Arnold

Uses: Music Man Guitars, LaBella Strings, Peavey Amplifiers, Fractal Axe-FxII, Aclam Guitar Stands and Franklin Straps.

Alex Skolnick

Uses guitars by Godin and ESP, amps by Budda/Peavey, strings by D'Addario, pickups by Seymour Duncan, pedals by Tone Concepts and picks by Jim Dunlop.

Jane Getter

Uses Peekamoose Custom Guitars, GHS Strings, Seymour Duncan Pickups and FIX Pedalboards

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