EEGT DVD The Eclectic Electric Guitar Trio has a new DVD!!!

The Eclectic Electric Guitar Trio EEGT DVD

The Eclectic Electric Guitar Trio EEGT DVD

EEGT DVD The Eclectic Electric Guitar Trio new DVD with Alex Skolnick, Bruce Arnold and Jane Getter is coming out soon! Recorded at an intimate Greenwich Village performance space called The Bar Next Door, this candle light performance was given to a full house of fans and guitar enthusiasts. Guitar Trios are a rare breed and when you pack this much guitar talent into one unit the possibilities are endless. Things may start out mellow but watch out; the music comes in like a lamb and ends like a lion. This all original program was stylistically all over the map, moving from Blues to Jazz to Funk with even a bit of Metal thrown in, but even with all these influences, the sound is uniquely EEGT. With only one previous performance under their belt, EEGT's performance demonstrates easy spontaneity and terrific chops, all while negotiating some mighty tricky charts.

Sometimes something that seems to be an obstacle turns out to be a solution, or even better, serendipity.

Take for example, the rule at The Bar Next Door to only hire trios. Guitarists Jane Getter and Bruce Arnold had been breaking in their material with a bass player at the Bar, but when the bass player left town, and both Jane and Bruce wanted to do another gig, they had to make a choice. Get another bass player, or.…do something different; add another guitar. Enter Alex Skolnick.

That is how the Eclectic Electric Guitar Trio came to be. And the music that has resulted is refreshing, challenging and fun.

This is a DVD of their second performance in public, and shows off their compositional strengths and formidable chops. Each guitarist has a specific personality and approach, yet all understand the importance of collaboration. More significantly, it's obvious they enjoy it.

Despite low light, cramped quarters and Bruce doing double duty as performer and soundman, the music rose to the occasion, and a great time was had by all.

Here is The Firelight Concert. You should have been there.​

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